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Our characteristic spirit, defined & influenced by the power of our partnerships.

Technology and evolving consumer behavior are creating massive shifts in business models across all sectors. Ethos spots opportunities where others don't.

Our deep relationships, with founders and investors, expand and empower our network. Ethos connects with the very best companies, creating a unique filter to identify game-changing opportunities.

Our guiding approach

Ethos organically aligns expertise, connections, and data-supported convictions, resulting in highly-coveted, next generation opportunities that deliver high value for founders and investors alike.

Our deep relationship mindset-SOCIAL CAPITAL-builds connection with companies that demonstrate potential, creating a unique filter to identify market opportunities within the technology sector in the U.S. and internationally-HUMAN CAPITAL.


Social Capital


Human Capital

Our unique approach fuels a strategically nimble sourcing engine that drives portfolio construction.

Our Ethos

The Ethos investment platform embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of the firm. Our Approach leads to consistent and differentiated deal flow and opportunities in the venture community and facilitates successful partnerships with top tier founders, as well as the next generation of industry leaders.

A growing platform of venture funds and co-investments under management.

Ethos investment platform

Access to unique deal flow typically only afforded to much larger platforms

Institutional-quality fund infrastructure and streamlined operational processes

Diversified VC exposure. Exclusive co-investment opportunities

Ethos investment platform

Early stage (Seed+) & early growth rounds of our most opportunistic companies

Primaries and secondaries of demonstrated market leaders, typically targeting an approaching exit via IPO or M&A

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